About this site:

What's this site all about? It's an unofficial headquarter for my favorite cd player CDrun v2.3.
I've been collecting well-done freeware for my personal purposes since I've started into serious computing when I got my first own PC (way back in 1993). So after changing to Windows 98 SE, I was looking for a better-looking program than the ones Microsuck was shipping with (including the nice but ugly one they put into the Power Toys-add on).
I've been using it since 2001 and have search for a long time to find a proper, small but still good-looking solution like this.

Recently (2004) I found out that the main site of the CDrun author was down (either hacked or simply server troubles) - later on, he put up a temporary one which hasnt been changed since then.
So I've decided to put up a mirror or unofficial headquarter for this unique piece of code to avoid that it'll be lost in time and (web)space. ;-)

About CDrun:

CDrun is a light-weight, but still fully functional cd player including some nice extras as follows:


So far CDrun has been working with all Win32 versions I know, including Windows 95 and NT 4.0. The author himself states:

Windows 32-bit operating system (95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP)
(Winsock2 must be installed on Windows 95)
CDROM device

Minimum: 486DX CPU with 8Mb of memory
640x480 256 color screen resolution

Recommended: any Pentium, AMD-K5 or above class CPU
at least 16 bit screen resolution

The current version is 2.3, released on 05/05/2002, which you may download from this site or via the main site.